The Measure of Man

The Book of Merdock 2

A master and his HEART of STONE

Sometimes we all face dark forces. It is how we deal with these forces that define us and shape us. Sometimes the darkness one carries in his heart is truly just a stone on his back. Merdock now having survived died and been reborn with unforeseen talents has realized his potential for greatness also has seen glimpse into his future in the realms of the all powerful. He has seen himself along side with deities. In what capacity he has no idea. Power seeks power. First a heart. A large obsidian heart came into his possession. Ever beating, thirsting for something. Merdock sat nights pondering this ever magical beating living stone. Having talked with voices in the darkness came to a realization that to gain power and strength to one day hold a seat in a group with ultimate power one must have allies and master the arts of their trades. Whom better to take guidance from than the master himself. Finding a shrine dedicated to a being of great power, Merdock forced his his dominance of the beating heart of an obsidian god. Absorbing his power for his own. Sacrifices were made , spilling his own blood opening his own chest, Merdock did cut. Having gone through torture of the flesh his whole upbringing this was a known pain a remembered pain. One that once made him strong in the past. Now changing him again making him stronger again. With trembling forces and a stirring of tapestries wall hanging pages of tombs. A transformation was taking place beneath the streets. Walls cracked black energy rises and falling from the creature that was once man. A single man bore witness with suffering death. After several minutes of silence a candle was found by said man and lit a flame. for he was to scarred to talk to the slightly glowing magmatic eyes sitting upon the masters throne and altar. The light from the candle had shown the shrine to be a mess paper from the tombs and the tapestries all over as if a tornado had struck just this very room. Benches turned items of worship tossed and lay about the room. But in the darkness still slightly shaded sits a creature of Stone. after a longer stare it was not just stone but obsidian dark and black with a glow from beneath a life of magma of sorts, deep below the smooth rocky flesh. merdockDND.JPG

Things have changed.

Not just for Merdock,



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