The Measure of Man

A Slow Burn

Portals and Portents

1/25/2014 Session

The morning didn’t bring much welcome with it, as the group stirred from their rest. Bo’s hangover raged much to his surprise, with Herod stumbling out to check on his horse. Kirin observed his religious requirements, pouring out the dual shot glasses as usual, managing to maintain his focus as the group discussed their next course of action. The decided to take out the group who had rudely moved in while they were away. Questions were asked of the warehouse workers, bribes spread about and answers received. The men worked for House Kardin, which piqued the groups interest. Resulting in another round of discussion, the consensus being that they would wait for them to return, kill them all then go out for whores and beer. Kirin wanted to take them out before, but the rest decided to wait to have their full focus.

Murdock took to the rafters to await their arrival while the rest took places about the warehouse. While Herod was out checking on his horse and re-positioning it to the nearest alley way, he noticed a armored man watch him then turn and withdraw. Suspecting they had been noticed Herod returned inside to alert the others. Evening drifted in and there was the faintest sound of a lockpick being worked on the chains tired around the front double doors before they were thrown open revealing several armed men. Kirin and Herod stood to lure them in, denying their requests to step outside to talk things out. A standoff developed as neither group desired to give up the advantage until the mercenaries closed the door and rewound the chains. Then moments later began throwing moltov cocktails through the warehouse windows setting fire to the building and materials inside.

Unfortunately for the mercenaries Kirin was well suited to put out fires calling upon his divine connection he drenched every landing point and kept the fires from getting out of control. Meanwhile Murdock raced across the rafters to the windows and returned fire wounding one and sending him fleeing for his life. Bo and Herod quickly found themselves lock inside as they tried to bring the fight to the men about the building, while Kirin and Raziel kept their focus on the fires. Murdock climbed out onto the room while Bo smashed through the wall near the rear door. Arrows rained up and down, fists flew and raging hears swelled. Bo and Herod gave a good fight but were forced to withdraw back to the warehouse as the mercenaries proved tough. It was Raziel’s might hammer that quelled their fight as he destroyed a man with a single blow. The rest fled his might slowly as his maul seemed to devour them left and right. Murdock having taken an arrow lay down upon the room and could hear the carnage below.

Eventually the mercenaries were hunted down, as the guard arrived Raziel unaware that Kirin was a member of the guard fled. Kirin approached the three members of the guard flashed his arm band and helped secure the location. Kirin collected everyone who remained on the scene and were about to head off to The Gambit when Murdock was approached by his friend Steve, who was surprised to see Murdock so wounded mentioning he had a favor to ask but wouldn’t want to cause Murdock further harm. Murdock wouldn’t let him off accepted the favor, Steve then provided directions to a healer they could visit first before heading to the docks. The group caught up to Murdock and followed after as each had wounds needing care. Meanwhile Raziel hid blocks away in an alley waiting for the guard to leave to join his friends at The Gambit. The group made it to the healers with no trouble, Murdock knocked in the proper order and after a minute of waiting a very large man opened the door. In a deep low voice “O..N…E” And Murdock followed inside. Murdock is met with a cluttered dirty home with all kinds of things pilled up in rooms and hallways. Following the large man he enters into a room with a mist about it, a old haggard woman with long white hair and a large bulbous nose. Her hair parted to reveal one overlarge eye. She turned to appraise him standing over a large bubbling cauldron. He requested healing, she provided, as well he requested a potion be crafted and she advised it would take a bit of time. One by one the others were brought in for their bit of healing, Herod learning that she was a distant relative of his Hvati’ay tribe. All the while the old hag continued to toil away above her cauldron chanting, tossing in seemingly random bits pull from shelves and vials. As she healed Bo she requested he spit within the Cauldron which he did vigorously. Once the group had been healed Murdock was requested within and provided a mason jar of crude liquid. Gold was exchanged and the party then headed off to the docks.

Murdock and Bo took point as they approached a lonely barge at the end of a pier. Alongside the pier a small wagon sat with two struggling men lifting bodies from the wagon and throwing them onto the barge. A hooded figure stood in the dark recesses of the barge watching over the two men. Murdock curious as to what was within the wagon snuck up and dived inside while the men were busy lofting a body. Landing on a pile of five other corpses Murdock hugged one to him and lay in wait for one of the pair to reach for him. When the man did Murdock killed him with a quick thrust of his hook through the soft palate of his chin. As the body dropped to the wagon it caused his companion to complain about the delay. Murdock calmly responded by tossing the body he had hugged to him out the covered entry. As the body tumbled over Bo rushed the unsuspecting accomplice and flung him from the pier to crash against the side of the barge and sink into the sea. The hooded figure seeing this reacted by raising its clawed fingers and changing something in a dark tongue. Murdock felt the black energy flow past him and into the bodies in the wagon. Life bled into the dead and they began to quiver and quake. Kirin and Herod having hung back rushed up to give what aid as the bodies of the dead rose to fight.

Quick work was made of the dead, with only Bo receiving a grievous wound. Murdock and the rest decided to return to the old hag’s place to request more healing. Upon arriving to the old home, Kirin decided to head to The Gambit in hopes of collecting Raziel and getting the rooms secured for their late night activities. Herod waited with Murdock while the old hag’s servant took his usual time to get to the door. After some argument as to how late it was the servant allowed Murdock within. Seeing Bo’s body draped over Murdock’s shoulder the hag offered to buy Bo off of him. Murdock haggled and accepted the offer and pocketed all the gold Bo had on him and left informing Herod there was nothing that could be done. Herod angered by this tried to better the door open and found the room empty, having forgone the knock pattern told to Murdock. Murdock calmed Herod and they knocked again, this time the servant would brook no discourse and directed the two to return in the day should they wish the Hag’s service.

The two headed off to The Gambit to meet up with Kirin and hopefully Raziel and blow off some steam….



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