The Measure of Man

And the Crowd goes wild!

Portals and Portents

1/11/2014 Session

It began as any other night had. Drinking at the Ruffled Trumpet. Herod sitting at the bar, alert as always for his moment when the Walls words will spring to action and his purpose near fulfillment. But, beer after beer found its way into his eager hands and time dragged on. Herod spoke to those gathered near of true men, and true actions that stir a warriors heart, seeking to prove counterpoint to the unmanly singing going on behind him. This proved to annoy the barkeep, who thunked a mug down and requested he move to a different seat and stop disturbing the guests.

Murdock and Bo entered, the Ruffled Trumpet being closest on their way home from a bit of business and their desire for drink, payment and a bit of violence did not care which establishment they found themselves in. Kirin having entered previously remained seated against the wall enjoying the music and waiting their pleasure. Quickly they garnered seats and kicked up their feet and snatched their first fistful of ale. Herod noticed these men enter and his interest was piqued.

Raziel entered the city shortly after sunset. Bewildered by the size and the apparent laziness of the people. Wandering the streets he began his search for The Harbringer. Knowing only that he has been sent to await duty in a tavern within the city of Garant. It took Raziel some time, and but due to noticing Herod’s horse stabled just outside, Raziel was drawn to the Ruffled Trumpet.

A group of irate armed men shouldered past Raziel and entered into the bar. Loudly kicking the doors and bellowing at the top of their lungs. Murdock, reactions well honed skittered away from the entrance around the bar and slid quietly into a seat at Herod’s table using the shadows of the corner booth to his advantage. Just as the group of men settled their anger upon Bo’s waiting smile. Kirin stood from his seated position and grasped the handle of his scythe. Patrons scattered, most backing away to watch the fight. Most having seen Murdock and friends in action at other bars. Words were spat out between Bo and the leader of the men. Their eyes scanning the crowd looking for Murdock. Herod gestured with his magnificent pipe to give the masked man away. Much to Murdock’s displeasure two of the group advanced him cutting short the range he had hoped to enjoy as he knocked an arrow to the string of his bow.

Blades flashed, arrows flew, Murdock sprinted across the tables. Raziel entered in, smiling ready to enjoy a fight. Then the hired bard, all but forgotten up on stage, begain to sing again. A strange siren call, which seemed to send ripples out through the air. Herod recognizing something of power in the notes called forth his own power and spoke counterpoint buffering away the malicious tune from him and Murdock & Crew. The rest of the Ruffled Trumpet’s patrons did not fair so well. In waves they all fell screaming from their seats first holding their hands to their ears then dropping them as they thrashed incoherently. The bard kept singing, almost as his jaw had unhinged his skin quickly sinking in, as if being consumed on the inside.

Just as quickly as the patrons fell did they rise, tearing from their fleshy shells, a walking mass of muscle and blood which proved to be turning a vibrant green hue. The group soon found themselves facing a tide of mangled flesh seemingly hungry for their still pink skin. Battle was met, as the forms proved powerful their muscles oozing with green goo, and vicious blows were dealt all around. They realized quickly that there were too many to handle, and focus quickly shifted to the bard, burning like a candle on four ends still stinging. Bo took out the bards leg with a power right hook, then was overwhelmed by the masses. While Murdock put a arrow through his skull. As the singing faltered, so did the masses as their muscles immediately began to loosen their movements slowing down striking with less vigor.

Murdock noticed something strange about the bard, as a spider like thing scurried from the folds of the bards clothing and disappeared under a booth. Which was found to have a abnormal hole leading outside along the wall. Everyone gathered together, Kirin and Herod healing Bo they realized that one of the bodies in the tavern was unaccounted for, the barkeep was nowhere to be found. Once wits were gathered, the group followed after Murdock who quickly picked up the trail of green fluid left behind by the barkeep. The trail led down the back alley and to a sewer grate.

Down into the sewers they hunched down due to their above average height. Through several twisting turns they followed until coming upon a bit of rubble. A passage had been hewn from the sewer wall and a chamber lay beyond, glowing in greenish light and pulsing. Murdock had taken point and crept silently into the room, finding a large pool of the greenish slime and twisted icons carved onto the walls. A door way lay ahead and something could be heard within. The others held back, to allow Murdock the stealth he needed to catch the entity by surprise. Moments later Murdock fled the chamber crying for the rest to flee with due haste. And flee they did, Murdock having been warned by his new friend that the area was not safe.

The climbed back up out of the sewers and with Herod’s horse in tow astounded to see the Ruffled Trumpet full of lively patrons as if nothing had happened minutes before. They decided to retreat to the warehouse Murdock and Bo shared a room above, finding then that mysteriously a month had passed while they were within the sewers. The warehouse workers shared their surprise that Murdock and Bo had returned, informing them that others had taken over their room and the ‘protection’ it involved. They forced their way in and took possession of the room, swearing to deal with the intruders when they showed up. Murdocks new friend sought out him for some help and Bo came along as well, charmed alongside Murdock to a new friendship. The rest remained within the room, drinking fermented horse milk and making introductions



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