The Measure of Man

Daring deeds, rescued damsels

Eventually will be transcribing the rest of the entries…

Olem Hastor received orders from his superior to follow up on a request received from Elinvale. Sent by Oracle Ayden the request sought aid and protection for a valued member of the faith, stating a miracle had been bestowed and diligence was called for. He traveled with due haste and followed Caliam and Co’s progress from Elinvale through the forest to Telair and past the Watch Post. Leaving messages in his wake should he fail to find Caliam. Olem came upon a scene of battle with the bodies of three ogre’s scattered about the road. Noting the ruin’s laid out about him he quickened the pace of his mount and crested a nearby hill bringing into view a walled noble villa still standing though showing the passage of years.

Standing among the quickly cooling bodies of the dead were Caliam, Garth and Tabris. The black rain still falling down from the blackened cloud cover above. Olem spurred his mount to cross the courtyard quickly alerting Caliam to his presence. A brief tense moment followed as Caliam raised his bow in preparation. Olem sensing no evil in their hearts called out seeking Caliam, then eyes widened as he saw Tabris get pulled into a book he had drawn from his pack. Caliam quickly grabbed up his cloak, grasped the book and stuffed it into his pack. Swearing to deal with it once they had finished with the Ogres.

Olem announced his purpose with which Caliam accepted and they sequestered his horse with the others. Meanwhile within the structure two of the captives took action to free themselves. Morganna ripped free of the bonds holding her hands together then in-canted a spark of fire upon the bindings of her legs while Lilura calmly sawed through the leather with her sharp nails. The other women held within the room reacted only when the flash of light from the fire woke them from their stupor. Not a word was shared between the two as Morganna went to the boarded up window and Lilura moved to the door and knocked. The matron called for a pair of her children to see what was going on. The women in the room huddled closely together fear starkly in their eyes as the heavy steps of a pair of the matron’s children worked their way up the stairs and toward their prison.

Outside as they crossed the courtyard grounds on foot Caliam came across a strange little hedgehog who’s eyes followed Caliam with an intelligence he had only seen before in Vaud’s. It seemed to take his measure and decide to approach Vaud. It climbed up onto his back, with which Vaud gave no issue about and proceeded to gesture with his nose an urgent desire to cross to the entry way to the villa. Inside the door opened as one of the ogrekin peered inside and a grunt of shock as Lilura called upon her pact let loose a ear piercing scream reverberating silently through the room, her magic sharpening the damaging sound so that only the ogrekin felt its bight. His eyes widened in shock and and mouth curled into a rictus of pain, he let loose a shout of rage and stepped fully into the room slashing at her small form in anger. His actions set the terrified women to screaming which alerted Caliam and the rest below that something was afoot.

Caliam, Olem and Garth rushed to the aid of the ladies as Al’Aver climbed the outside wall. Taking the stairs quickly they found two of the ogrekin threatening the women. Morganna called upon her powers and attempted to lull the each ogrekin in turn into a deep slumber succeeding on one sending its misshapen form into a deep dreamless sleep. She then closed on the sleeping ogrekin and with its own javelin ended its existence. The boarded window shook from Al’Aver’s precise blows as the remaining conscious ogrekin lashed out at all who came in reach. Lilura took advantage of the confusion as the hedgehog crawled to her, she willed a obscuring mist to billow from her to fill the room, much to Caliam’s frustration. She edged her way carefully through the combatants and down the stairs. Morgana remained in the room watching the remaining women and watching as the window was opened up from the outside.

As the smoke clogged the room the group managed to slay the remaining ogrekin and the matron who has joined the fray just outside her chambers. Olem quickly checked the chamber the matron had come from for other threats then followed after Caliam helping to lower the women out of the broken in window to Torg’s waiting hands below. Morganna curious as well entered the Matron’s room and located her things which had been claimed as the matron’s. Lilura unknowing of this began searching along the bottom floor for their things found a pair of double doors below their chamber and knocked again. A large lumbering form roared and charged the door. Lilura prudently fled into the main hall and aimed for the door. Smashing through the double doors was a large undead grizzly bear venting its anger as it tore up the floor, it neared Lilura and was about to tear her limb from limb when it impacted a stalwart form which Lilura could not see.

Caliam rushed to address the new threat levelling his bow just as Lilura caught her breath and whispered a word of power and throwing her hands wide sending a burst of webbing out filling the chamber catching the bear and blocking Caliam’s shot. Lilura scurried out of the villa and ran past the group of frightened women. The creature tore free from the webbing and followed after Lilura its growls turning to something sinister and purposeful as the grass beneath all their feet burst in growth and began to wind itself around their feet entangling them. Remarkably all maintained their feet and freedom from the animated grass. The group made quick work of the undead bear and were not so surprised to see it change form back into a twisted and malformed ogrekin.

Morganna was last to leave the villa as she had gathered the gear and what else of value that could be found within the matron’s quarters. Once they all were gathered together they withdrew from the compound. A safe distance away they settled down to rest for the evening. Lilura and the others broke out into an argument claiming each others intentions were nefarious and ended with a realization of heated tempers and misunderstandings.



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