The Measure of Man

"The book of Merdock"

journal 1 Merdock found a blank book

Hello my name is merdock. I have decides to keep track to the events that are happening. I have just traveled to a new land. Leaving behind well, everything. in hopes that i may gain more power and skill to get power. I am here in….i actually do not know where i am but all my friends and co workers have arrived with me.

We were supposed to be set up when we got here and not the your fucked by the guard set up. i mean a place to stay and a start on the local marks. So we walk to the local in to grab some drink and size up the locals. They turned Bo out to the street guess the hate green people. Not the first time on of us has had to wait out side to drink. With some quick wit and some coin the bard convince the barkeep to give him a bucket of grog and sit outside. Bo got his drink so he didnt care. Drinks happen! After hearing of the possible meeting with some one we chased them down found them. Soe deaths happened and some mistaken identities accrued, no big deal. eventually we found a small man in an ally way stabbed…not by me. We helped him up and carried him to the place they had secured for us on arrival. Our counter parts here in the new city are far from the standard we are use to working with. in trying to figure out the plans of how we are going to start working this city. Black obsidian glass salesmen start knocking on the door asking for it…being confused and slightly mad ok ok we all were furious at this point. got the hafling to inform us they stole a beating obsidian heart that was in a box up stairs they didnt know what it was or anything. The hafling and his merry midgets hid in the underground hiding place. battle ensued my team and I destroyed this dark being. Also not to self they explode…the salesmen do. So the crew and i find a new place to call home and realize we need to go get all magiced healing up and made our way to the mages hall of magics. pfff mages. We get inside and every one is talking about the unnatural storm brewing out side. Herold was like “that shit aint rite…but these holes in the flesh aint rite either” we walked in and in the middle of our discussion we were having about the barbarians maps and what was going out side, we were rudely interrupted. they healed us and fed us only to ask them to see these scrolls these two have been carrying for basically since they were born or something. I suggested we look from the point of view the image on them map is looking from. just so happened to be on this building.. BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER!!!!!!

side note : I stole their magical endless bread basket. merdock is never needing to steal food anymore.

We get to the roof. Lightning strike herod as he trys to leave. We say the magic vwords to bring him back. I dare not rite them. Green lightning brings him back. We see a dark being walking on water heading to the town. We get to the beating heart every on is die ing Herod keeps riding lightning bolts every where. we have to use the magic words to summon him back, with my amazing stealing skills i steal a whole cleric and put her in a cart. we are trying to escape the madness that is going on. the entire city hear some sort of song that is drawing them to this monster on the sea. Our bard in his awesome moments say oh hell no. Bo and Karin fight the urge to join them, after the bard counter this awful song of Whoa. The few of us find an empty guard house and barricade ourselves in. The stolen cleric and team get all ready for a fight for monsters of the dead and lightning and the sea our rising forth from the depths of the ocean and start destroying the population…we save as many as we can because we are awesome people or something. Hrod starts riding the lightning again. he is being teleported closer and close to the monster with this lightning bullshit. So much to comprehend that i dont even realize how absurd everything is that is going on. there is only do at this point. see where he ends up. we flip a cart over hook his horse up to it and yell go and not the magic words. we all arrive. we all pull some magic shinanigans and kill everything. I even get a life saving arrow loose that exploded a lightning water elemental. Yeah happened. I started with this thing cause since i died and got better i figure the things i see may or may not be real and since there are several witnesses i figure this one was real.



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