The Measure of Man

The Book of Merdock 3

Pulling strings

Merdocks friends have also gained powerful items. One of these being an orb of power. The priest trying to force his will upon it. Merdock is sure that he will be sucsessful. But as stated once before power seeks power. Following a lead the leader of our small group had found on our employees a hafling and his mates, we set off for an island. On this island there was a remple that was told un to us. We went seeking vengeance and only found more questions. Well Kirin the war priest found more questions and a kiss from a god. That is his tale for his book.

Kirin asked Merdock to stay and wait and watch the entrance to this grand place with the barbarian. which also mean check the place out while i have him busy. traversing the winding caverns and underground passages of this temple Merdock finds himself in front of the vault of vaults. Elaborate design multiple keys some being magical. After a long inspection of the door Merdock recognized some flaws and knew well heard tales of such locks that were made long ago. Once again with help from the dark voices in the dark Merdock set to work. Picking and moving and straining both mind and body. The giant door fell before a masters hand at open of anything locked. Looking forward to what treasures may lay behind the door. only to be confronted with yet many chests which seem to have more elaborate locks and clockwork protections. Fear not for if the door can be passed so can the chest they have set here before him as well. calling upon every skill he knew. With no idea of the timetable that has been set upon him his fingers went strait to work. Chest after chest fell victim to Merdocks talents. Half of the chest had items still in them. Magical and useful, say for one. Once again Merdocks visions have sent him on a path to gain power. Before him lay a fiddle made of pure bone. The power radiated of it. Merdock went to reach for it. When one of the voices from the darkness yelled at him stilling his hand. A voice Merdock has come to take serious advice from. covering the fiddle and packing it away. this fiddle of pure sorrow. bonefiddle.jpg

Merdock being in the town of craftsmen used the skin and bones of a freshly slain dragon to make its case. A Fiddle case just as dark as its contents.



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