The center of Arcane knowledge upon the Hedaris Continent. Its most noticeable feature is the fact that its a island floating several hundred feet in the air. One of the few wonders left over from the old world Arcan has been in up there in the sky for as far as anyone can recall and what texts have been found in the surrounding ruins speak of its lofty status as well. Due to its long history of arcane studies the city has grown segregated in those who have arcane talent and those who are not. Nearly every ‘worthwhile’ position/profession within Arcan carries a requirement of arcane talent. With the exception of menial labor that requires just enough judgement to prove difficult for a arcane servant spell. Bastards, third sons and the like generally find themselves delegated to these menial labors unless they escape the bonds and seek adventure. Every citizen born within the city receives a arcane mark upon birth designating their status and right of passage within Arcan. The entrance to Arcan is protected at all times and passage regulated to those with purchased passes and birth markers. As such a lucrative proxy business has grown in recent years as the surrounding farm villages have prospered and grown in numbers.

Population: 5,348

Governance: Lord Magister head of an Elected Council

Diversity: Widely Diverse population with a growing discontent for the northern tribes of Lizardfolk and Dragontouched

  • Human: 50%
  • Elf: 15%
  • Halfling: 10%
  • Half Elf: 5%
  • Dwarf: 5%
  • Planar: 5%
  • Gnome: 3%
  • Remainder a small margin of odds and ends

Places of Note

  • Temple of the Measure – Dedicated to the Balance
  • The Charlatan – ‘Best’ bar in town
  • Fool’s Mercy – Cheap drinks and games of chance
  • The Chantry – The Conclave headquarters
  • Redraven University
  • Keep of the Morningstar – The Watch headquarters
  • The Stage – Bardic College

Person’s of Note

  • Lord Magister Maestir Valakos
  • Dean Kleim Vestr
  • Magister Lecrist – Head of the Chantry
  • Lord Captain Dal Morn -


  • Wasirun Family
  • Chanidrant Family
  • Lestarin Family
  • Beromar Family
  • Parista Family
  • Zedicast Family


The Measure of Man Kindle