The Anointed

Protectors of the faithful, defenders of the mysteries of the Heroic. Little is known of the Anointed. There deeds widely unseen or misunderstood as the actions of others. Only the whispered tales of warriors carry the tale.

There are five anointed known at this time.

  • Selvi Night – A half elven duelist, silent and deadly with his dual short swords.
  • Parandyr Altir – A noble human warrior, stalwart and proud bearing his shield and blade.
  • Sulanyar Eldareth – Deadly elven archer the pinnacle of skill and will
  • Al’Aver – Celestial Monk this man wields his perfect form in harmony with all
  • Torg – A boisterous human warrior, mighty of hews and endless in mirth.


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