Governance: Elected council, 11 seats drawn from Noble, Clergy, Arcanist and Merchant classes

Diversity: A large mixture of races, Coromayr is a haven to many a misunderstood soul.

  • Humans: 70%
  • Halfling: 10%
  • Elf: 5%
  • Dwarf: 5%
  • Gnome: 3%,
  • Half Elf: 2%
  • Half Orc: 2%

Organizations: Several organizations have a chapter-house within Coromayr’s walls. With a few only being found within.

Places of Note;

  • The Gilded Tankard – A sturdy place of drink and merriment, if a bit tarnished on the outside.
  • The Grove – A wooded sanctuary of druids and nature loving souls.
  • The Towers – Dedicated school of the arcane, its power and wisdom respected by all


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