Founded by the explorer Elin Gharast, Elinvale is a prosperous farming village that supplies a goodly portion of Coromayr’s foodstuffs. A alert militia and secure location has kept the village relatively safe as well as good relations with a local wizard of power and the treant guardian of the nearby forest.

Population: 432

Governance: Elected Mayor with City Council of Elders (Currently 4 members strong)

Diversity: Very little racial bias is found within this town.

  • Human: 60%
  • Elf: 10%
  • Halfling: 10%
  • Half Elf: 5%
  • Dwarf: 5%
  • Gnome: 3%
  • Remainder a small margin of odds and ends

Places of Note

  • Hall of The Heroic
  • Wee Bit
  • Chance’s Cups
  • The Grey Tower
  • Jake’s

Person’s of Note

  • Mayor Hudin – Mayor, General Store owner
  • Magister Dilvaser – Master of the Grey Tower
  • Jake – Run’s Jake’s
  • Fyndesa Deschamps – Proprietress of Chance’s Cups

Event’s affecting the Village

  • Sudden thaw on the first day of spring
  • Murdered mayor
  • Disappearance of villagers and rescue by party


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