The Balance

Few stride the balance of the world. Holding to their own whims and wishes that are beyond the ken of men. Their purpose always held in question by The Heroic, there deeds just shy of rapture in the throws of The Wretched.

The Lad

He is the pull, the drive of chance. Curiosity, that which is hidden to be discovered. Generally considered the fairer end of Happenstance’s brood. If met with prepared mind will oft not lead astray. Only the foolish follow the pull of The Lad unprepared.

The Lass

She is the push, the random occurrence thrust upon. Whimsy, mercurial in her graces and displeasure’s. Dangerous in her moods, oft best left to flirting desperation then reckless courting. Only the lucky survive the guiding hands of the Lass.

The Thread

The Pathmaker, the guide. How strong a man is a testament to how thick the thread. It is considered wise to recognize that which brings all together and binds the weave. Well mended is well made.

The Firma

Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent. The strength of all things, present at all times. One would be foolish to deny what is all around them.

  • Kindle – The rush, the heady flavor of experience. The drive for more, growth, consumption.
  • Immerse – The joining of things, becoming more then before. Increasing in stature, experience. By adding gaining understanding.
  • Foundation – Supporting, maintaining. Being the basis of moments, events to come from steadfastness.
  • Voice – The clarity of expression, sharing of concept, thought and emotion. Setting things exposed.

The Mark

Wisdom measures the mark, learns from its passing and keeps it ever at mind. That which gives purpose, drives relevance and meaning.

The Balance

The Measure of Man Kindle