The Watch Post

Situated in the Elindere Valley, the Watch Post serves as a protector to the three nearby villages. Established through volunteers from each village the Post has helped hold back the monstrous denizens of the region from wanton rape and slaughter. Held in high regard by the villagers of Seldon, Telair and Lendil and only recently being reached out to by the people of Morde the Watch have been slowly building a steady presence in the region.

- 22 Members
- Units of 4: 2 out, 2 in, 1 training
- Watch Commander: Eteri Slate, a powerful dwarven warrior stoic and guileful
- Watch Subcommander: Vendik Greyson, a diligent human warrior of the Balance.

Recent Events

Assaulted by a contingent of Ogre’s, damage suffered to the walls. The party helped rout the Ogre’s and provided assistance in the repairs.

The Watch Post

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