Welcome to The Measure of Man!

This campaign has recently grown in leaps and bounds. Both in players and scope. A bit excited to see where this all leads. Glad to have a large player base in which to develop this world and enjoy each characters personality and story.

To date we have three separate games getting off the ground, though each is taking place in the same region. How interesting will each group make it for the other. Or will you all just pass like strangers in the night.

Every other Friday we have – Monkeywine Buisness (patent pending)

  • On Hiatus atm.

Every other Saturday we have – Portents and Portals (visions and fisticuffs)

  • Herod The Harbringer – Skald
  • Raziel The Guardian – Bloodrager
  • Murdock – Rogue
  • Bo – Brawler
  • Kirin – Warpriest

The other Saturday we have – Dancing Queen (pirates on a solemn sea)

  • Jayne – Aasimar Swashbuckler
  • Ferik – Human Skald
  • Pica – Goblin Druid
  • Mara – Half Elf Witch
  • Leaf – Human Druid
  • Rhan – Human Investigator

(will update with each character name, once I remember all of them..)