Hes dirty, Burnt, crazy, and impulsive




Human male.
Wears a black mask with ears on it sort of it is a badly made mask. probably made out of leather once worn by some official guard uniform. Most likely wearing dark robes and some sort of cape.

This man smells on the foul side, dirty and unkempt H is a bottom feeder. he will do anything to survive. He is known to be thief. He has no scruples. If you mess with him or people he considers close he will have no second thought about ending you. Mainly he has no second thoughts.

Merdock is impulsive to a fault. His plans. no he doesnt plan he just does.

He is huge. 6’4’" of muscle he is a bit gaunt but dont let that fool you he is nimble and can run and hide like no one you have ever seen, almost as if the mistress of chaos and shadows has her eye on him.

did we mention he is crazy.

he has scars and burn marks on 90% of his body.

if you see this man please let the local guard know. you may be rewarded.


Murdock was a noble mans eldest son. When things between the two families had gone too far, Merdock was kidnapped buy this other family the Basins. Jerkoth ,Merdocks father too proud to give into the demands of this other family gave them nothing. This was just the beginnings of Merdocks plite. They tortured Merdock trying to get any sort of plans or information of the killian family his true family name. Merdock to proud as well gave them nothing, at first. Over time they tried more and more new unique ways of torture. The final straw to brake his will they slowly burned most of his flesh disfiguring his once impeccable good looks into mere walking scar tissue. His will broken and mind in shambles he told them all but on secret.

One night in his cell Merdock was approached, by a Dark hooded figure. Slightly distant yet still directly in front of him. She spoke to him. “Come my son, only when you have lost everything have you gained the power to be free of your chains.” her lay apon his should soft and smooth.

“Speak plainly for i am no crafter of words nor do i have the will to continue” His skin cracking and bleed as he speaks from the fresh burns on his face.

“I can help aid you if you give your will to me” Sitting beside him pressing an arm around him. he gave a slight groan as she broke more of his skin from the burns.

“What part of my mind did i conjure you from? and if you can help me get out of this hell that i am in, I am yours” Looking up from his matted hair on eye just catching the light.

“I am Madness, I am darkness, am cunning, I m a liar and a thief. I Merdock am the one who owns your soul” Stepping back or fading back Merdock could not tell. But on the ground in a crack he saw a shard of metal it may have been there the whole time but he didnt care it was there now. The locks came undone easily.

After 7 years they Merock escaped. Hi body huge from the strength he had gained pulling trees and moving rocks, his reaction fast from hiding months maybe even years in the sewers of his captures. The Killian family had all but forgotten Merdock. When this Huge hobbled man showed up on the doorstep he was hidden and tossed aside. It was only after proving who he really was that Jerkoth had him trained in secret so that he could someday take revenge.

Stealing the family Bow for only he of his family could actually wield it. The rest of his family too weak in their ways of nobility. Had long gone soft. His imprisonment made him strong.

“I dont know who you are my mistress, but i will follow you into this chaos, this hell and i will devote myself to your ways”

That day since Merdock has been stealing and killing his way to wealth and most importantly power



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